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We’re on a mission to equip communities with the tools for lasting change

Be part of a force that’s shaping the future

Social Community

Fostering equity, promoting social change

We bring together the innovative use of technology, environmental consciousness, and targeted networks, offering a cohesive suite of impactful solutions

Shaping tomorrow

We’re helping school communities to amplify fundraising and foster resilience because we believe every child deserves a fully resourced and fun-filled educational experience 

Streamline your processes with our fully digitalised solution for event booking, online sales, increased fundraising and seamless communication

And benefit from our new revenue streams to boost your fundraising

Female community

Cultivate connection,
drive change

We believe in the power of connections

Our platform provides a dedicated space for female founders of colour to meet, connect, and collaborate

It’s not just about networking; it’s about taking action to drive social change and create opportunities for yourself and others

Join us and gain access to valuable resources and a community of like minded women, to elevate your entrepreneurial journey

eco-conscious champions

Unlock a greener future through our engaging and interactive workshops designed to raise environmental awareness

We offer globally-acclaimed workshops, free of charge that 

  • Empower future generations with vital climate knowledge
  • Spark conversations about positive climate solutions
  • Strengthen collective action to create a better world

Workshops and materials are based on the scientific reports of the IPCC

Contact us today to schedule your FREE in-school workshop and nurture the next generation of environmental leaders

Find out more here

Environmental Education

Tech for impact

Discover how Social Blox can help your non-profit grow  

Non-profit organisations of all sizes are increasingly leveraging technology to advance their purpose for many reasons, including improved efficiency, transparency, and outreach 

Technology can help you thrive in an increasingly digital world and better position your organisation or community group for future success

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